How to Decorate Your Salon for Christmas 2020

Getting ready for holiday seasons is an exciting preparation for a boot in sales and revenue. Here are some tips to properly getting ahead on planning and getting started.

Let’s start with the theme

A theme will help you stay consistent and unify throughout your decorations. Here are some popular themes for Christmas 2020 you’ll want to consider:

  • The Snowy White: Primary color throughout your sets is white
  • The Traditional: Red and Green is mainly color in your decoration.
  • The sparkle: Make everything sparkles, glittering, and twinkle a little.
  • The Vintage: Go back to old-time Christmas days
  • Colorful: Be a little playful with your decorating sets.


While theme will set everything on the same schema, we now get to a more detail with specific corners that you can utilize for your props to sparkle the season feeling. Let’s getting to it with your customer eyes and feels by tracing their steps.

Start from the Outside – the porch

Even a walker or a loyal customer come to your shop they all have to cross your lawn space so if you have a sidewalk, porch, or a roof you should grab their attention by decorating some of your props there to sparkle up their feelings and their intention of walking in your shop. There are so many ideas you can find at to get started.

Welcome Wreath

People believe the wreath started way back from ancient Greece. Wreaths are hand-make ring-shaped using fresh tree leaves, twigs & flowers or made out of evergreens to represent everlasting life with no starting and ending. Christmas wreaths are now a popular symbol in preparation for and to celebrate the coming season. Christmas wreaths are often hung on doors or walls to greet visitors and inspire them a warm, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere behind the door. You can stop by the Christmas Wreath Ideas collection by Terry Shelton to find your styles of wreaths and swags for your home or your shop.

Storefront windows

Spend more time and effort on the largest estate that catches everyone’s eyes – your storefront windows. You can use decals, chalk, signage with a message wrapped around with evergreen strings and lights, and anything in your imagination to capture their attention, sweeten their eyes or their camera to have a selfie then post on their social media network.

Christmas tree

A must-have element to properly setting the scene of the season. Set it in the middle of your lobby if you have a spacious reception area, or in a corner that easy to repeal to the customers. You can put on décor and ornaments but keep in mind sticking to the theme you set from the beginning, and don’t forget the present boxes at the bottom. 

The Christmas Scents

The smell is one of the strong human senses and this small detail could be forgotten easily. Open up another sense of your dear customers with the Christmas aromas using essential oils or candles. Here are some of the most popular

  • Christmas trees
  • Hot chocolate
  • Gingerbread
  • Chestnuts
  • Cinnamon
  • Oranges and cloves

You can find extra scents and products at Also, more Info available at

Summing up

There are so many things to do to get your shop and customers submerge in the season. Every little thing will add up to sparkle their feeling, to make it a little easier to memorize, you can distinguish them into these categories

  1. Props & décor 
  2. Colors
  3. Lights
  4. Signage

Tips to ensure an optimum result

Holiday and season decorating for your shop is an investment you want to consider to be properly done right. Try to use premium décor and props, don’t use the cheap ones. They also represent your quality of services and products. A cheap set-up scene could bring a counter-effect to your customers and make them doubt about your provide services. A well-invested decoration will tell them that you are very carefully considered in their feelings and experiences at your shop. It is another way to say they can trust your business to offer them supreme products and services. On other hand, all of that investment can be saved up for the upcoming season if you store them right. Don’t be afraid to replace any bad, torn up, and color faded décor. It’s just time for you to upgrade your new, modern merry little Christmas décor and they will last years to come.